About and contact

The aim of Telescope Operation Group of the OOCC is the correct management of the different facilities owned by the IAC at the Canarias Observatories, the IAC’s own instrumentation and part of the observing time granted the IAC by other installations. Three types of facilities exist: Instruments, Telescopes and Experiments (ITE). Regarding the first type, we are in charge of those instruments developed by the IAC and in currently operation, such as INTEGRAL, GHaFaS or LIRIS on the WHT, TIP or TIP-II on the VTT and GREGOR, CAIN-3 and FastCam on TCS, CAMELOT or TCP on IAC80, etc.

The telescopes include the Carlos Sánchez Telescope, the IAC80, the MONS, as well as the time allocated to Spain on the OGS and the CAT service nights in non-IAC facilities –TNG, INT and NOT–.

With respect to the experiments, there are three groups: the CMB complex, the Solar Laboratory (SL) and the small telescopes and experiments (SARA, TAT, EARTHSHINE, DIMMA, XO, etc.).

Having this variety of installations in mind, the main goals to achieve are the following:

  1. Perfect operation of the facilities during the observing periods available for the international astronomical community.

  2. A continuous update of the installations to new technologies and the accomplishment of any improvements in order to provide astronomers a more friendly operation environment.

  3. The astronomers must obtain the maximum benefit from their observational periods at the ITE.

For any comment or request, please contact oocc AT iac.es.