Solar observing time allocations

The Time Allocation Committee for the solar telescopes of the Canarian Observatories will meet during January 2017 to decide the solar observing time allocations corresponding to the 2017 observing campaign.



 Here are the minutes of the 2017 TAC meeting

 The EAST TAC has agreed to transfer 6 additional days from the CCI time. The Spanish TAC recommendation is thus to grant 5 days to each one of the following proposals: Collados, Katsukawa, Quintero Noda & Bello González; Collados & Khomenko; Trujillo Bueno et al; and 20 days for the merger of the proposals by: Orozco Suárez, Bellot Rubio et al; Asensio Ramos et al; Felipe et al; Díaz Baso et al; Collados, Beck et al.


(Updated 4-May-2017) Here is the observing schedule for the solar telescopes. This schedule is based on data provided by the telescope owners and is collected here for convenience only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data in this document. PIs are encouraged to confirm this information directly with the telescope administrators.