Abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author. After the deadline, the SOC will construct the scientific programme on the basis of these submitted abstracts.

Invited talks

1- The coincidence problem in cosmology
Presenting author: Atrio-Barandela F.
2- Compact Astronomical X-ray sources: General Relativity at work
Presenting author: Barcons X.
3- Gauge and constraint degrees of freedom: from analytical to numerical approximations in General Relativity
Presenting author: Bona C.
4- Cosmology with strong gravitational lenses
Presenting author: Falco E. E.
5- QG with GRBs - Testing Lorentz invariance with gamma-ray bursts
Presenting author: Piran T.
6- Cosmological constrains from weak gravitational lensing
Presenting author: Schneider P.
7- Gravitational wave astronomy: now and future
Presenting author: Sintes A.
8- The confrontation between General Relativity and experiment
Presenting author: Will C.M.

Contributed talks and posters

1- Efficient implementation of finite volume methods in Numerical Relativity
Presenting author: Alic D.
2- Ruppeiner geometry of black hole thermodynamics
Presenting author: Åman J.E.
3- Simulating relativistic stars with Whisky and WhiskyMHD
Presenting author: Baiotti L.
4- A no-go theorem for polytropic spheres in Palatini f(R) gravity
Presenting author: Barausse E.
5- Gravitational lensing in the metric theory proposed by Sobouti.
Presenting author: Bernal T.
6- Dark energy-dark matter interaction
Presenting author: Bertolami O.
7- Warped product space-times with a rank-1 Ricci tensor
Presenting author: Bilge A.H.
8- Examples of Heun and Mathieu functions as solutions of wave equations in curved spaces
Presenting author: Birkandan T.
9- Light propagation through large-scale inhomogeneities in the Universe and its impact on cosmological observations
Presenting author: Bolejko K.
10- Extended gravity: theory and phenomenology
Presenting author: Capozziello S.
11- Recent developments in the Dynamical System Approach to alternative gravity
Presenting author: Carloni S.
12- On non-existence of MOTS in asymptotically untrapped static spacetimes
Presenting author: Carrasco-Ferreira A.
13- The RAMOD astrometric observable and the relativistic astrometric catalogue
Presenting author: Crosta M.T.
14- The restoration of the quadrupole light bending: the Gaia Relativistic EXperiment
Presenting author: Crosta M.T.
15- Jets structures in black hole fields
Presenting author: de Felice F.
16- The evolution of cosmological perturbations in higher order theories of gravity
Presenting author: Dunsby P.
17- Simulation of plasmoid creation near a rotating black hole
Presenting author: Dyadechkin S.A.
18- Energy balance in the course of relativistic magnetic reconnection
Presenting author: Dyadechkin S.A.
19- The new potential for the Weyl tensor in n dimensions: wave equation and gauge
Presenting author: Edgar S.B.
20- An approximate global stationary metric with axial symmetry for a perfect fluid with equation of state $\mu+(1-n)p=\mu_0$: Interior metric
Presenting author: Egido-Cuchí J.
21- Cosmological imprint of quantum vacuum fluctuations
Presenting author: Elizalde E.
22- Past singularities in phantom theories
Presenting author: Fernández-Jambrina L.
23- Positioning in a flat two-dimensional space-time
Presenting author: Ferrando J.
24- Consistency of a GL(3,R) gauge formulation for topological massive gravity
Presenting author: Gaitan R.
25- Dynamical laws of superenergy in General Relativity
Presenting author: García-Parrado A.
26- An approximate global stationary metric with axial symmetry for a perfect fluid with equation of state $\mu+(1-n)p=\mu_0$: Exterior metric
Presenting author: Gil-Rivero A.
27- The final phase of inspiral of neutron star binaries: realistic nuclear equations of state
Presenting author: Gondek-Rosinska D.
28- Gravitational wave radiation from white dwarf close encounters in globular clusters
Presenting author: Gutiérrez Pedemonte, A.
29- Quantified states of spin emerging in classical spinor calculus
Presenting author: Hajjawi, S.
30- Gravitational waves from binary black hole evolutions
Presenting author: Husa S.
31- Gravitational waves in metric theories of gravity
Presenting author: Jaime L.G.
32- Conserved charges of asymptotically flat and AdS spaces in arbitrary dimensions
Presenting author: Jamsin E.
33- A numerical study of Penrose-like inequalities in a family of axially symmetric initial data
Presenting author: Jaramillo J.L.
34- Asymptotic conformal Yano-Killing tensors for asymptotic anti-de Sitter spacetimes and conserved quantities
Presenting author: Jezierski J.
35- Gravitational wave from core-collapse supernovae and their related compact objects
Presenting author: Kotake K.
36- Generation of primordial magnetic fields
Presenting author: Kunze K.E.
37- Probing the creativeness of some significant models of the universe
Presenting author: Lapiedra R.
38- Gravitational collapse of plasmas in General Relativity
Presenting author: Lasky P.
39- Cosmological constraints combining H(z), CMB shift and SNIa observational data
Presenting author: Lazkoz R.
40- The cosmological constant problem in brane-world cosmology
Presenting author: Maia M.D.
41- Invar: computer algebra for the invariants of the Riemann tensor
Presenting author: Martín-García J.M.
42- Gravitational collapse to toroidal and higher genus black holes
Presenting author: Mena F.
43- Non-linear vector perturbations in a contracting universe
Presenting author: Mena F.
44- Gravitational waves and lensing in the metric theory proposed by Sobouti
Presenting author: Mendoza S.
45- Cooling of magnetized neutron stars
Presenting author: Miralles J.A.
46- Newtonian and relativistic location systems
Presenting author: Morales J.A.
47- A GPL 3D relativistic hydrodynamical code
Presenting author: Olvera D.
48- Construction of hyperboloidal black hole initial data
Presenting author: Pareja M.
49- On the relativity in configuration space
Presenting author: Pavsic, M.
50- The saturation of the Holographic Principle for spatially closed cosmological models
Presenting author: Per-Begueria M.A.
51- The BepiColombo mission to planet Mercury and the fundamental role of ISA accelerometer for the Radio Science Experiments
Presenting author: Peron R.
52- TEPEE/GReAT (General Relativity Accuracy Test in an Einstein Elevator): Advances in the detector development
Presenting author: Peron R.
53- On geometrothermodynamics of dilaton black holes
Presenting author: Pidokrajt N.
54- Application of discrete differential forms in numerical General Relativity
Presenting author: Richter R.
55- Soliton solutions in relativistic field theories and gravitation
Presenting author: Rubiera-García D.
56- Symmetry breaking in nonlinear growth of bar instability
Presenting author: Saijo M.
57- Numerical Relativity meets Gravitational Wave Data Analysis
Presenting author: Santamaria L.
58- Remarks on the notion of Global Hyperbolicity
Presenting author: Sánchez M.
59- Braneworld cosmological perturbations
Presenting author: Seahra S.
60- 2nd order in space constraint preserving summation by parts boundaries
Presenting author: Seiler J.
61- A new type of singularity theorem
Presenting author: Senovilla J.M.M.
62- A multipolar analysis of binary-black hole inspiral and merger
Presenting author: Sperhake U.
63- TeVeS perturbed field equations: An approach to gravitational radiation emission
Presenting author: Suárez-Velásquez I.
64- Dark energy FRW cosmology --- dynamical system reconstruction
Presenting author: Szydlowski M.
65- Some recent results in black-hole uniqueness
Presenting author: Tod P.
66- Gravitational lensing statistics by galaxy clusters with smoothness parameter depending on z
Presenting author: Valencia-D M.E.
67- Shearfree perfect fluids with divergence free magnetic Weyl curvature
Presenting author: Van den Bergh N.
68- Accelerating expansion and change of signature
Presenting author: Vera R.
69- Dirac-type operators on curved spaces admitting Killing-Yano tensors
Presenting author: Visinescu M.
70- Algebraically general rotating dust models with purely electric Weyl curvature
Presenting author: Wylleman L.