Johan Knapen’s Research
My research focuses on understanding the star formation in galaxies, and the structure, dynamics, and evolution of galaxies. I do thus mainly by collecting observations in various wavelengths using different professional telescopes, both on the ground, and in space. Many of the projects I am involved in are done with ad-hoc groups of other astronomers, more often than not from different institutes and countries. Results are published in the professional literature.
My main scientific project is DAGAL, an EU-
funded Initial Training Network (ITN) studying
the structure and evolution of galaxies.
I am involved in the following surveys:
  1.  HaGS: The H alpha Galaxy Survey (completed)
  2.  NIRS0S: The Near-IR S0 Survey (completed)
  3.  NGLS: The JCMT Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey
  4.  S4G: The Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies
  5.  LeMMINGS: The Legacy e-MERLIN Multi-band Imaging of Nearby Galaxies Survey
Instrumentation interests:
  1.  I am a member of the Project Board of WEAVE for the WHT
  2.  I was external project scientist for ACAM on the WHT