100xCiencia.3 - Bridging Science and Society

The subject of this year’s event will underscore the importance of scientific education, citizen science and the participation of society in the present and future of science. The 100xciencia.3 will gather SOMMa members and external participants to share ongoing projects on science education, citizen science and public engagement that can encourage society and us to continue working together. Different stakeholders relevant for science and society will participate in roundtables focused on timely and important topics. The 100xciencia.3 will bring together scientists, politicians, journalists and representatives of the civil society to enable an open debate about the different aspects of how and why science is important for society.

Starting date: 15 November 2018, 10:00h
End date: 15 November 2018, 19:00h
Location:  Auditorio del Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO), Madrid
Organizers: Centro de Investigaciones Oncológicas (local organizer) and SOMMa

100xciencia.3 will have Dr. Robert Huber, 1988 Chemistry Nobel Prize, as keynote speaker so we can begin the event on a high note with an exciting talk on "The century of vision: Protein structures for drug research". The challenges and opportunities offered by citizen science and science education will be discussed over three different round tables: "The media as channeling agents for science", "Scientists and science policy together for society (you can follow this round table via streaming)", and "Scientific empowerment of society". The selected twelve 10-minute flashtalks presented by both SOMMa and external partners will display ongoing projects revolving around science education and public engagement.

Event website: http://bit.ly/SOMMa_100xciencia3

Complete programme: http://bit.ly/SOMMa_100xciencia3_Programa  


Contact: severoochoa@iac.es
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