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The IACOB project is an ambitious long-term project which is contributing to the modern era of investigation of massive stars by concentrating in Galactic OB stars. In particular, the project aims at building a larga database of high-resolution, multi-epoch spectra of Galactic OB stars (the IACOB spectroscopic database), and the scientific exploitation of the database using state-of-the-art models and techniques.

More details about the project can be found in Simon-Diaz et al. (2011a, 2011b, 2015) and the project webpage.

This is the interface to have access to the IACOB spectra. The different data releases (DRx) will be conveniently announced; in the meanwhile people interested in specific (samples of) spectra can contact the PI of the project by email: ssimon [at]

The IACOB spectroscopic database is based on observations made with the Nordic Optical Telescope operated by Nordic Optical Telescope Scientific Association, and the Mercator Telescope, operated by the Flemish Community, both at the Observatorio de El Roque de los Muchachos (La Palma, Spain) of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias

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DR1: FIES observations bewteen 2008 and 2009

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