Antonio Calvo Roy

Antonio Calvo Roy (Madrid, 1960), a science journalist, is president of the Spanish Society of Scientific Communication and director of relations with the media at the Antonio de Nebrija University. Between 1982 and 1992 he worked with various magazines and newspapers, almost always writing about science politics, science, the environment and health, although also about non-scientific cultural matters. From 1992 to 1999 he worked in the press ofcies of the Ministry of Agriculture, the General Secretariat of Energy, and the Council for Nuclear Safety.

In the year 2.000 he started Divulga, a company dedicated to scientific and environmental communcation, with which he contributed articles about science for newspapers and magazines and worked on other science outreach projects, such as the preparation of scripts for science museums, television documentaries and gave courses and workshops about science journalism at a number of Spanish universities. Between September 2004 and April 2012 he was director of communications for the company Red Eléctrica de España (Spanish Electricity Network).

He is the author of two books about Antartica,  The Cathedral of Ice (McGraw-Hill, Madrid, 1992, second edition 2000) Cajal: triumph at any cost (Alianza Editoria, Madrid, 1999), Lucas Mallada, biography of a regenrationist geologist (Caja de Ahorros, Madrid, 2,000) and Odón de Buen: a whole life (Ediciones 94, Zaragoza, 2013). In addition, he has published, in collaboration with Ignacio Fernández Bayo A History of 20 years. CSN 1980-2000 (Council of Nuclear Safety, Madrid, 2009), Plug in to Energy (SM Editorial, Madrid, 2001) and Green Mission: Save your planet! (SM Editorial, Madrid, 2002).


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