Malén Ruiz de Elvira

Malén Ruiz de Elvira is a journalist specializing in science, health, the environment and technology. Born in Madrid, her qualifications are in telecommunications engineering and journalism. She was science correspondent of the newspaper El País for over 20 years, during which time she set up the Futuro supplement which appeared in the printed edition, and later the science section in the web edition. She currently publishes in, among other media. She is the author of a book, Eureka (published by Temas de Hoy) about the conquests of science during the XX Century. During her carreer, Malén Ruiz de Elvira was sent as a special correspondent to many events around the world, amongst them the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, organized  by the United Nations in 1992. She has received the prizes for journalism given by the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), the Casa de las Ciencias (A Coruña), and Science in Action, and the Energy Prize, among others. She has participated in many courses on scientific, environmental and medical journalism, and has written articles and reports for scientific journals such as Nature and Current Biology, for journals dealing with science politics, such as Research Europe and for outreach magazines such as Muy Interesante. She is a referee for the European Commission and for the European Science Foundation, and was a member of the organizing committee of the meeting of European Scientists ESF2014.

Contact:       Phone: +34 922605336; +34 660507549
100xCIENCIA Communicating Frontier Science. La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain), October 2015
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