Rafael Rebolo


Prof. Rafael Rebolo López is IAC Director, Scientific Director of the IAC’s Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence Programme, CSIC Research Professor at the IAC and External (Honorary) Professor of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg. He has pioneered in Spain experimental research in several fields of astrophysics and cosmology. He has been awarded several of the most important research prizes in Spain (Iberdrola Science and Technology Prize 2000, Jaime I Research Prize 2001, Canarias Research and Innovation Prize 2002) and is member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences and of the Max Planck Society. He is Doctor Honoris Causa for the Politechnic University of Cartagena. He coordinated the participation of the IAC in the ESA space missions Planck and Herschel, is a member of the science team of the 39m E-ELT and of three of its instrument science teams (CODEX, HARMONI and EPICS). He is PI of the experiment QUIJOTE-CMB (a collaboration with the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester and Cantabria) and Co-Principal Investigator of ESPRESSO for the ESO VLTs. He is PI of FastCam and Co-PI of AOLI, the Adaptive Optics Lucky imager for the WHT and GTC (a project in collaboration with Univ. of Cambridge)


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