Prof. Michel Mayor will visit IAC as member of the CAI

The monitoring of the IAC Severo Ochoa Program is undertaken by the IAC Steering Committee and by an External Advisory Board consisting of 5 senior international experts.

Prof. Michel Mayor (Geneva Observatory, Switzerland) is one of the members of this advisory board, as well as a member of the Research Advisory Committee (CAI) of the IAC. Prof. Mayor will be visiting the IAC the next Thursday 13 and Friday 14 March 2014, in the framework of the CAI meeting at the IAC.

According to the IAC Statutes, the CAI is an external consultative and advisory body to the Governing Board of the IAC for the guidance of its research and public outreach policy. It also analyzes the scientific and technological production of the Institute and its training capacity.

Members of this CAI are:
- Christoffel Waelkens (chair), Institute for Astronomy KU Leuven (Belgium ), exPresident of the International Scientific Committee of the Canarian Observatories.
- Andrea Dupree, Harvard Smithsonian CfA (USA), first woman president of the American Astronomical Society.
- Michel Mayor, Geneva Observatory (Switzerland), who discovered the first planet around a Sun-like star.
- Saku Tsuneta, Scientific Director of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan).
- Álvaro Giménez, Scientific Director of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Start date: 13 Mar, 2014
End date: 14 Mar, 2014
Location: Omega meeting room, IAC Headquarters, Tenerife.
Organizer: Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias

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